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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I was recently assigned a project in which I had to take what I have learned about the principles of design in my apparel product design class and put it to good use. The assignment was to take the image of something non-fashion/apparel and match it with something that's fashion/apparel. I was assigned to work on color; one of the principles of design. I had absolutely no idea where I was going to go with this but by the grace of Google, I found everything I needed! I decided to go with blue and green as my primary colors. I attempted at making the presentation as visually appealing as a first time Photoshop user could! So here it is; I hope you enjoy!

This is a snake most commonly known as Gumprecht's green pit viper from the Southeast Asian region of Greater Mekong. This viper is carrying a fabulous green snakeskin Prada bag!

Here, we have an image of a pair of Fila sneakers and as soon as I saw these shoes, I thought.... cotton candy!

This image is a picture of a young girl dressed in a masquerade costume as one of the"Birds of Paradise" in the St. Thomas 2006 Carnival. If you look closely you can see that I have placed the image of a blue bird on her left "wing."

I figured I could throw some doggy fashion in mix. As you can see here, I took the image of green apples and contrasted them with the image of a dog named Angel who is wearing a green apple doggy dress.

In this image, we have a young lady in an ice blue bridesmaid dress and oh so cleverly placed an ice blue martini in her hand!

I decided to put a tie dye t-shirt and fireworks together in this image.

In this picture, I pieced together the image of a prom dress and the image of a coffee cup. I put these two together obviously because of the color but also because the design on the cup is similar to the flower seen on the dress.

If I didn't say so, the changes here would nearly go unnoticed. I found this picture of a bouquet of flowers in my chosen colors and in the same search I found an image of a ring with the same colors that can be seen sitting on the same stand as the flowers.

Sorry my photo shop skills aren't very good but u can get the idea here. I integrated a photo of a brunette in a lime green dress and a lime green vase with some type of brown twigs.

As you can see, I have taken the image of a peacock inspired dress and layered it on top of an image of an peacock.

This project was very interesting for me because I never paid too much attention to how animals, food, home decoration etc. can be so similar to the clothing we wear. I enjoyed searching for the pictures I have used and using photo shop to make two separate images one. Thanks for checking out my blog. Smooches!